• Chat function for each project
  • Partially done function with percentage! MORE INFO...
  • New Third Party Integration to slack (Messenger App) MORE INFO...
  • New Dashboard function for each project
  • Six different user groups are possible (from Admin to Viewer)
  • each user can choose his language for the interface
  • optionally each user can activate the Two-factor Authentication
  • Profile Picture, Name, Email, Password
  • each user can be assigned to projects
  • Calendar function
  • Projects can be assigned to customers and users
  • Tasks and milestones can be assigned to each project
  • Projects active or inactive
  • Projects copy function (cloning)
  • Budget hours & cost
  • each project has its own dashboard with analyses
  • Report function
  • Time recording with time overview MORE INFO...
  • each project with Research & Retrospective Board MORE INFO...
  • Chat function for each project
  • Milestones can have 6 different stages (from new to done) MORE INFO...
  • optionally with dependency on other milestones
  • Milestones can be assigned to each user
  • eight different colors
  • Planned Start and End Date
  • Discussion field for each milestone
  • Gantt or table view
  • Easily editable via drag and drop function
  • Sort, filter and export function
  • three different time frames (day, week, month)
  • Tasks can have 6 different stages (from new to done)
  • assignment to a milestone
  • Tasks can be assigned to each user
  • three different types are selectable (task, story or bug)
  • six different Efforts assignable (XS to XXL)
  • Partially done function with percentage (Production module)
  • Gantt or table view
  • five different Priority's
  • Due date & Working date
  • Time tracking with Planned Hours
  • Subtask function with 6 different statuses
  • Discussion field for each task
  • File upload
  • Easily editable via drag and drop function
  • Sort, filter and export function
  • Tasks can be assigned to a Sprint
    Each user can set their own language.
    The following languages are currently already integrated:

  • Chinese, simple
  • Chinese, traditional
  • English (US)
  • English (GB)
  • German
  • German (informal)
  • Français
  • Español
  • Vietnamese, Tiếng việt


  • User management
  • Project and customer management
  • Task overview of all users and projects
  • Time tracking overview with editing function
  • Invoice and approval function for time records
  • Any time a status overview of projects, milestones and tasks!

If you choose a package where the data is stored on our web server, all updates are free. You will receive a notification and be informed about new functions. We are still improving and will continue to turn on new features. No additional costs, guaranteed! Our customer support team is available at during office hours, six days a week to answer any kind of questions you have about our products, help you with problems with your themes, and give consultation for all of your presale questions. If you host our software yourself, you will be informed and can choose an update yourself. Security updates are free if you install them yourself. New functions updates or support for installations will be charged fairly.

Since version 2.05, aki-BOX has a simple and ingenious dashboard function. One user is defined as a viewer. When this user logs in, a dashboard appears with all the important status values for each project. This means that a company can easily show this permanently in the company via a display or use it as a basis for meetings.

  • Mattermost
  • slack
  • Discord

We use an SQL database for the data. We can make a simple backup of the database at any time. If you store the data on your server yourself, you can easily do it yourself.

Short film with overview of the functions: