You can only get more work done with an Asian customized software. Our software is adapted to the book “Human Resource Management in Asia” by two experts, Yee Ng and Soon Ang, and is scientifically proven! MORE INFO

The software works with simple milestones and tasks. These tasks and milestones can be assigned to different people. Working hours can also be easily reported. The managers can also see the progress report of the project, milestone, or task at any time. Our software is simple but still professional and sufficient for modern-day business. Feel free to try our online demo.

All updates are free if the package you choose includes storing data on our web server. You will always receive a notification about new features. We are still improving and will continue to turn on new features. We guarantee no additional costs will be charged. Our customer support team is available six days a week during office hours to answer all your questions about our product, help with your theme problems, and answer your presale questions. If you host our software yourself, you will get notifications about new updates, and you can choose whether to update them yourself. Security updates are free if you install them yourself. Other updates or installation support services will be charged fairly.

Each user only needs internet access with an internet browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Google chrome, Firefox or Safari work best. The operating system is independent. This means that you have no hardware costs and can work in aki-BOX at any time.

Minimum requirements:
- PHP 8.0 and up
- Apache with mod_rewrite, Nginx, IIS
- MySQL 5.7+

PHP Extensions needed
Required: MySQL, mbstring
Optional: Curl (for Integrations), gd, imagick, xml (for 2FA QR code generation), ldap
Other considerations: The aki-BOX folder should be writeable by the server user (usually apache or www-data), Strict mode is currently not supported

An installation in a subfolder in the domain is possible.

If you are in the team member group, this is not possible. Please inform a user in a higher group.

We controlled the languages in text files, making it easy to add a new language. We are happy to support you in this.

Since version 2.05, aki-BOX has a simple and ingenious dashboard function. One user is defined as a viewer. When this user logs in, a dashboard appears with all the important status values for each project. This means that a company can easily show this permanently in the company via a display or use it as a basis for meetings.

Managers can create users with different roles. The manager can assign various tasks or milestones to a team member, fix hourly targets and budgets, release hourly bills, and monitor tasks, among many other small functions. Please try out our demo to explore all these functionalities at no cost.

Each package is prepaid annually. Payment can be made via bank transfer (Chinese bank account), WeChat or Alipay. Cancellation should be sent to us at least 1 month before the end of the contract. Without cancellation, the package will be automatically extended and the customer will receive a new annual bill. With the self-hosting package, the amount is transferred once via bank transfer (Chinese bank account).

The Chinese state keeps blocking websites for Chinese users. There is no scheme for this. However, our Chinese server is already registered with the Chinese government and is therefore "blocking-proof".

Installation on your own server is possible. It requires basic knowledge to create an SQL database and upload data. Instructions are included with the self-hosting package. We are happy to assist with the installation, according to our hourly rates.

We noticed that the retrospective function is not used. Hence, we deactivated it. If a customer absolutely needs this function, we will activate it free of charge.

You will only be automatically logged out of the platform if you leave it idle for long. For programming reasons, this cannot currently be deactivated. However, we will improve this in one of the upcoming versions. For security reasons, an automatic logout is recommended.

The only mandatory field is the name. We want to make your experience as personalized as possible for a better user experience.

Still have further questions?
Please contact us directly by email.